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Karen has been guiding me through my yoga practice for a little over a year. From the minute you step foot in her studio you feel warm, welcomed, and calm. She has a great sense for her classes and really finds out what each person is looking for in their practice, and adapts to that feel. She provides great guidance for beginner yogi's who are new to their practice, with patience and serenity. It is my honor to get to practice at Pure Bliss Studio, and look forward to continuing my practice under Karen's guidance. Her depth of knowledge and understanding to yoga, meditation, and flow is unearthed. I leave each class feeling grounded and re-energized. Namaste! ------ Heather Ruth

Since I have started yoga with Karen, I have noticed many changes in my body. Increased flexibility, feeling less stressed throughout my day, more energy, and the biggest one of all is that my blood pressure has come down significantly!! I have struggled with high blood pressure for many years now, and have tried many different physical activities but never yoga. After 3 months of yoga with Karen I have lowered my blood pressure by 7-10 points. Which is huge for me, I never thought it would go down. Learning yoga with Karen was so easy and non intimidating and a lot of fun. She really makes you feel comfortable. I love the Tibetan singing bowls she plays and the lemongrass soaked cloths that she drapes over our eyes during meditation at the end of class, it really makes it a great way to start my day and I feel so rejuvenated. I would not hesitate for one moment to recommend Karen at pureblissyogastudio for a life changing experience. - Leeane

Nine years ago I suffered from a bugling disc.  My doctor told me that I needed to work on my core so  I was in and out of physiotherapy for years.  I would start to feel better and try a yoga or Pilates class only to strain myself and have to start from scratch.  My girlfriend in Lake Country told me about Karen and her studio.  I was open to trying anything and I’m so grateful that I did.  Karen’s class had all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities.  She successfully guided me through the movements at my level without injury or strain. I no longer suffer from chronic pain and I feel stronger than I did nine years ago.  Karen leads her classes in a thoughtful manner that is welcoming to everyone.  I would highly recommend Karen to the novice, skilled, injured and everyone else in between. I happily drive the extra mile from Kelowna just to attend her classes!  Namaste.- Deanne Stephenson

Mom & Babe yoga provided me with a very special hour each week where I got to be authentically me while learning, loving, and nurturing my post natural body. It was more than just yoga. It was an emotional and spiritual support with an amazing yogi that walked along side us. I would say that this class was integral to my overall well being in the year following my daughters birth. Just do it, you will not regret a single moment. - HeidiStarr

I find yoga to be a great complement to my weight training and fitness. Often times deep stretching a postures are left out of every other athletic modality, going to yoga 2-3 times per week gives me that extra edge I can't find anywhere else. Plus it helps me de-stress and centre myself for the hard week ahead, giving me a calmer perspective of the future. Karen is a very knowledgeable and attentive teacher. Her studio is warm and welcoming, I leave there re-energized and stretched! - Rodney