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Back by popular demand, Bliss Sunscreen in lotion, spray, and paste pots. Batches are being made, just have to label these beauties. I apologize for how late they are coming out as I wasn't planning on making any this year, but here we go again! Here is the description of the sunscreens, and I will also try to answer all the questions I was asked over the years here right now.

I started making sunscreen for my daughter 3 years ago, as she has horrible excema, and reacted with rashes and itchy painful skin with whatever I put on her, including the natural stuff. All the ingredients I use I sourced from reputable suppliers, are 100% organic, and there are zero chemicals or preservatives in my products. Two common ingredients you will most likely always find in any natural sunscreens is zinc oxide and titanium, I ensure the zinc and titanium I use are non-nano which essentially means they will not be absorbed into the skin. Zinc and Titanium are really good UVA physical blockers, so even though all the other ingredients I use have natural SPF levels, I still like the added protection.

Here is a list of ingredients that are present in all my products, just in different volumes for each to make them unique so you can have a lotion, spray, or thick paste for those easily burned areas like cheeks (think old school zinc paste people used when skiing). The spray does not contain beeswax. In brackets you will find the natural SPF of each ingredients, or another description of why I use it. All ingredients listed are 100% organic. Also be aware of any allergies the user might have as the product contains nut butter and a wheat oil.

Coconut Oil (SPF 8)
Wheatgerm Oil (SPF 20)
Red Raspberry Seed Oil (SPF 20-50)
Jojoba Oil (SPF 4)
Carrot Seed Oil - not diluted (SPF 40)
Avocado Oil (Can go as high as SPF 15)
Vitamin E - not diluted (natural preservative)
Beeswax (natural waterproofing ingredient in lotion and paste)
Shea, Mango, and Cocoa Butters (to thicken and provide moisture)
Essential oils of Lemongrass and Lavender (those oils are natural bug deterrents and smell absolutely delicious)
Zinc and Titanium

Bottles of spray or lotion come in 125ml or 250ml and are $20 and $40. Paste Pots are 60ml and are $15. I try to keep costs down, but the dollar made ingredients more expensive for me this year :(
Common questions are "can I put this on my baby"? YES! You can even use the paste as diaper cream! "How long will it last"? These are natural organic oils that can and will spoil at some point. I add the Vitamin E as that is a natural preservative and is also amazing for the skin! "What is the SPF"??? Ok this is my own recipe from my own researching, I make this at home in my kitchen. That being said, I can only guesstimate the SPF's for you. The lotion or spray I guesstimate at the lowest of being 30, possibly more. The paste I guesstimate at a 60 ish. As with ANY sunscreen you ever buy, common sense applies like: NOT sitting in the raging sun for 8 hours, re-applying your sunscreen often, like after swimming or toweling, respecting easily burnt areas like shoulders, face, ears and chest.

There is the overall description of the sunscreen.

Available in Kelowna, Lake Country, Vernon, Penticton or Osoyoos.

Also available to ship, customer must pay shipping.

Please contact me via email request at or call 778-214-2061

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